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Aluminum Truss for Trade Shows

July 20, 2018

Looking to get the most out of your trade show booth at your next expo? A truss display could give you the ideal look and functionality. Truss booths always make a big visual impact and can help you attract a whole lot of attention to your booth, making you look like a true expert.

There are many different types of truss exhibit design options available that can fit your budgetary constraints and your size needs. Here are just a few ways an aluminum truss in Los Angeles, CA can help you find more success at your trade show:

  • Use of double decks: Double-deck trade show displays are always big-time attention grabbers because of their sheer size and impressiveness. They’ll put your banners, ads and logo far above the rest of the trade show, which will give people across the trade show floor a clear way to pick out your business from the rest of your competitors. Considering just how important it is to draw people to your booth at such an event, this benefit can’t be understated.
  • Rental options: You don’t necessarily have to have a truss designed specifically for your company’s trade show booth. Instead, you can rent a booth that gives you the closest style to what you need for your event. You can still have your banner graphics and other advertisements displayed on the booth. Plus, the rental company is will set the truss up and dismantle it for you, taking a couple big steps out of your preparations and teardowns.
  • Easy add-ons: As your company builds up its exhibits at trade shows, you’ll be able to easily add on to your truss display. Their design makes it ideal for quickly expanding or modifying your marketing and displays.
  • Versatile floor plans: Truss display booths have many different types of floor plans. Depending on the product or service you sell or the industry in which you operate, some of these designs may fit your company better than others. But no matter what type of company you have and what sort of work you do, you’re guaranteed to find truss designs that will fit your needs.
  • Plenty of graphic space: Truss booths offer the most graphic space of any type of trade show display, whether you’re using a double deck or standard height truss. The graphics will look great against the industrial framed design of the truss, especially if you’ve worked with a design professional to create interesting and informative graphics that help you stand out from the rest of the trade show participants.
  • Functional spaces: Truss booths don’t have to just be merely for display. You can also use them for functionality, such as for the creation of exclusive meeting and demonstration areas. You can meet with potential clients in a more private setting, even amidst the busy trade show atmosphere!

For more information about the various benefits associated with aluminum trusses in Los Angeles, CA at trade shows, contact the team at Kordz, Inc. today!

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