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Festival Season Is Here: How Trusses Can Help Your Event

July 6, 2018

The summer is the biggest time of year for music festivals, local carnivals and fairs and plenty of other large-scale outdoor events all across the country. As you’re planning your event, make sure to consider how you can benefit from the use of trusses!

Here is some information about the benefits of stage trusses in Los Angeles, CA and other uses for trusses at your festival.

Trusses at entryways and exits

Security should be a focal point for any event that brings large groups of people into relatively small areas. Event security must focus on taking proactive steps to control entry and exit points to reduce the chances of illegal activities and terrorism and help make guests feel much safer while enjoying the event.

Trusses are often used to create large entryways, where it’s easy to set up entrance and exit checkpoints for attendees to check in and out. These trusses are highly versatile and can be set up anywhere that makes sense for your event.

Trusses for general crowd control purposes

When managing large crowds, you must consider all aspects of the event, no matter what kind of event it is (music, sports, theater, rallies, parades, circus, festival, etc.). For example, you should consider the size and expected general demeanor and character of the crowd, the characteristics of the facility and grounds, the methods of entrance on to the festival grounds, what types of communications event workers have and how you’ll be queuing.

Aluminum trusses can be used to address all of these elements at events with large crowds. They also make it easy to shepherd people to specific entry and exit checkpoints, especially if you’ve made good use of guided pathways and displayed signage. Large banner signage can be especially handy, and you can attach it to your aluminum trusses to immediately grab the attention of any patrons coming that direction.

Trusses as advertising opportunities

Trusses aren’t just helpful for crowd control—they also give you built-in advertising opportunities for event sponsors. If you ever go to an outdoor event at a race track, stadium, golf course or festival grounds, you’ve probably seen trusses set up with large banner ads or vinyl signs. Organizations often pay big money for the right to place banners on trusses, because they are highly visible, especially at entrances—every guest who comes into the event will pass through those truss archways and see the advertisement above.

Even if you don’t make the space available for other companies to purchase, you can use it for your own needs, thanking sponsors or providing additional aspects to the patrons’ branded experience.

These are just a few examples of why aluminum stage trusses in Los Angeles, CA are so beneficial for use at outdoor events, particularly concerts and festivals, but really any large-scale event that requires structures at entry and exit points. If you’re interested in learning more about the trusses and the services we provide to our customers, we encourage you to contact the team at Kordz, Inc. today for more information.

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