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What You Should Know About Simple Truss in Los Angeles, CA

August 21, 2018

Whether you’re involved in infrastructure engineering or event planning, you have probably encountered a truss in your work. However, even people who may work daily with trusses don’t always know exactly what a truss is or why it is used for various applications. Understanding more about what a truss is, what it’s used for and how its design can be applied in various situations can give you a heightened appreciation for this structural design and may even enable you to use a simple truss in Los Angeles, CA more effectively in the future.

What is a simple truss?

A truss is a structurally supportive framework that is designed to ensure effective weight distribution, durability and longevity for various structures. A simple truss incorporates beams and connective joints to form a series of triangles. This triangular formation effectively disperses the weight of a structure throughout the framework to prevent excessive pressure or stress on a single point.

There are a few components that make up a simple truss, including chords, beams and joints. Upper and lower chords are set horizontally and make the frame of the truss. Beams are used to form triangles along these chords, and all of the components are joined together in joints that are formed through welding. There are various truss designs that have been developed over the years. Certain trusses incorporate just a few support beams, while others have a complex interconnection of beams to maximize weight distribution. Truss design is largely dependent on the specific application it will be used for.

What’s it used for?

Perhaps the most prominent examples of trusses in everyday life are bridges. Take a look at a metal bridge and you’ll usually notice a distinctive frame that includes beams and chords set in triangular shapes. Trusses have been used in some form for hundreds of years, especially for bridges. Trusses make it possible for engineers to design bridges that span relatively long distances without risking collapse or sinking as a result of imbalanced weight distribution.

Another practical application of trusses is in audio and visual staging. Aluminum trusses are made to accommodate heavy equipment, including large LED stage lights and powerful audio systems. These trusses can be modified to adapt to different spaces and to hold different equipment. Regardless of the specific configuration and arrangement of a truss for events and concerts, they make it possible for event planners and coordinators to put on shows, concerts and festivals with audio and visual elements that create an incredible atmosphere for attendees.

Find simple truss in Los Angeles, CA

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