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Aluminum Truss in Los Angeles, CA Is the Best Option for Your Convention Booths

October 20, 2018

Want to take your display at your upcoming convention or trade show to the next level? A display featuring truss in Los Angeles, CA could be your ideal option.

Truss booths make an undeniable impact and will help you get big-time attention from your fellow trade show attendees. Their striking framework will immediately lend authority to you as an expert in your field, and do wonders for your branding at the event. This equipment can be designed to fit any size booth or budget.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider using truss for your convention booth:

  • Easily scalable: As your company builds up its marketing, you can easily scale up your truss display as well. As you start attracting more business at trade shows, you can start putting more into your trade show marketing strategies. If you know you are going to participate in a lot of exhibits and rely on getting a lot of sales there, truss designs are perfect because they make a big impact, are easy to set up and take down and can be easily scaled.
  • Plenty of space for graphics: Truss booths offer you a significant amount of graphic space—more so than many other types of trade show booth options. You can use double deck or standard height trusses to feature graphics that will really pop against the modern, industrial design of the truss itself. We strongly recommend working with a professional graphic designer who can help you really capitalize on this statement-making potential.
  • Floor plan versatility: You can create truss display booths for just about any floor plan arrangement. Depending on the service or product you provide or the industry your company is in, you can select designs that will fit the character of your company and its offerings perfectly. Say you want to have product demonstrations—an open, symmetrical design is going to be ideal. If you have a B2B service, you’ll probably look into a display that has more graphic space. These are just a couple examples of the versatility you enjoy when using trusses for your trade show.
  • Exclusivity: You have the ability with trusses to set them up in such a way that you can create exclusive, private areas for meetings or demonstrations. This sort of intimacy or exclusivity can be hard to find in big, crowded trade show settings, so for people who might feel overwhelmed when crowded in front of a very packed booth, the ability to get this level of intimacy can be a big selling point, which in turn makes it a competitive advantage for your company.
  • Lighting: If you want to go all out with making your booth stand out from the rest, truss displays give you an ideal means of setting up track and LED lighting.

These are just a few of the biggest benefits associated with using truss in Los Angeles, CA for your trade show booths. Contact Kordz, Inc. today to talk about your ideal booth design!

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