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Safety Tips When Working with Aluminum Truss

January 1, 2019

Any time you’re going to be hanging something overhead, it’s absolutely critical that you make sure you’re getting the job done in a safe and reliable manner. Incorrect rigging can cause anything hung from it to become a safety hazard with little to no warning.

This means you must be thorough with your planning and take great care with your installation of truss, pipe and other rigging equipment, which is frequently used for stages and event shows. The lights and equipment have to hang off something, and a truss is one of the most convenient ways to make that happen, but you need to take all the proper safety precautions to make sure everyone who will be underneath those hanging objects won’t become victims of an accident involving falling equipment.

Think back, for example, to the truss accidents on stage at the Indiana State Fair several years back. These failures were caused by high winds, and there was some question as to whether the performance should have been allowed to go on to begin with, but it still demonstrates the type of danger people can be in if a truss falls down.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re working with aluminum truss setups in Los Angeles, CA.

Be careful of DIY-ers

You should leave setting up trusses and other rigging to people who have the professional training and expertise necessary to get it done safely. DIY rigging jobs are never entirely trustworthy, and are in fact much more likely to see safety hazards than trusses that are set up by professional technicians.

Use the proper equipment

You need to make sure you’re using the proper equipment to ensure safety and reliability. For example, systems that use dog clips, dog chain or S-hooks are much more likely to have safety issues because they are made out of soft aluminum or steel, and are more likely to bend or break when subjected to weight. You should instead use welded link and forged chain that has been properly rated for overhead lifting, or rated steel aircraft cable.

In addition, you should avoid using quick links or carabiners, as there’s always a chance that a partially open carabiner or quick link could reduce the item’s load rating by 50 percent or more. Instead, you should use shackles, and make sure they’re moused with wire and/or zip ties to prevent the pin of the shackle from working its way out.

Finally, if you’re using cable or Crosby clips, make sure they’re properly tightened with a torque wrench to the specifications set by the manufacturer. Cable clips often loosen with time as the cable stretches and settles, so it’s important to keep checking the safety of those clips, especially if they’ve been used before.

These are just a few tips to help you make sure your truss setup is as safe as possible for your next big event. For more information about setting up safe aluminum truss stages in Los Angeles, CA, contact the experts at Kordz, Inc. today.

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