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The Ins and Outs of Lighting Truss in Los Angeles, CA

February 18, 2019

How much do you know about lighting truss in Los Angeles, CA? This is an important area of knowledge for professionals in a variety of industries. Lighting truss in Los Angeles, CA is a crucial aspect of theaters, concerts and myriad other special events.

If you are involved with lighting as part of your profession or personal hobby, use the following FAQ to educate yourself on this essential topic.

What is lighting truss?

Lighting truss is the structure used to hold and hang lighting and support lighting. It allows lighting designers to arrange lights for a space to meet changing lighting needs. Lighting truss is also referred to as stage truss.

What are the most common uses for lighting truss?

Lighting truss is commonly found in stadiums, arenas and theaters. It is a typical solution to provide adequate lighting for concerts, plays, trade shows and sporting events. Lighting truss is also frequently found in places of worship, restaurants, movie sets, theme parks, department stores and more.

What is lighting truss made of?

Lighting truss in Los Angeles, CA is typically made of aluminum or steel. Aluminum is a frequent choice due to its lightweight nature. This makes lighting truss easy to transport, set up and take down. If the lighting truss is designed for a more permanent setting, steel is often used for its strength and durability.

How is lighting truss deployed?

Lighting truss in Los Angeles, CA can be supported overhead. This hanging style is referred to as flown lighting truss. Structures can also be free-standing. These types of lighting truss that are on the ground or free-standing are referred to as ground supported.

What are the common sizes for lighting truss?

A diverse solution, lighting truss in Los Angeles, CA is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Common sizes include one-, five-, eight -and 10-feet lengths. The most common styles are box and triangle trusses. Space saving styles are available to create easier transport options.

What are the components of lighting truss?

Lighting truss in Los Angeles, CA is made up of chords, horizontal members, truss ladders, vertical members, diagonal members, internal diagonal members, vertical members and connections. Accessories include grapples, wedges, couplers, toppers, outriggers and adapters. Combined, these components create a networked structure that can support movable lights of various shapes, sizes and styles.

What safety concerns are involved with the use of lighting truss?

It is important for designers and lighting truss installers to use lighting truss in Los Angeles, CA with the appropriate load rating for the job. Careful consideration must be made for the weights of the lights. Each lighting truss must be constructed with appropriate connectors and supports to create a sound structure that will prevent accidents and injuries.

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