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What Is Truss Made Of?

March 11, 2019

Nearly everyone has experience with truss, whether you’ve noticed it holding the lighting for major rock shows, live theater or in a trade show in a large warehouse. Truss is the backbone of good lighting that allows for the flexibility you need to put together a beautiful show. But just because you’re familiar with it doesn’t mean you understand what it is made of and how it’s put together.

Before you seek out truss in Los Angeles, CA, it’s important to walk into that shopping experience understanding what you’ll work with. Read on for some important information on what truss is made of and how it works:

  • Truss materials: Lighting truss is primarily made from two different materials, depending on its use. For permanent installations, or for installations that hold very high loads, truss is usually made from steel. If you’re putting together a short-term installation, however, you want a material that’s easy to put together and take down. In this case, the truss is often made of aluminum, which is lightweight and durable.
  • Typical sizes: Truss is flexible and can be used to build an installation of pretty much any size. The reason it’s flexible is because lengths of truss can be joined together to create different shapes. Each individual section is usually one, five, eight or 10 feet long, and can be put together to make a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Lighting truss components: Truss looks fairly simple, but it’s actually a complex piece of equipment made from several different components. In the style of truss called the box truss, components include things like the main ladder and chords that form the easy-to-spot rectangular shape, and the smaller pieces like horizontal and diagonal members that provide extra support for the ladder. The components vary depending on what type of truss format you choose out of the three main types: box truss, triangle truss or ladder truss.
  • Support options: There are two main ways to deploy truss for your installation. One is known as “flown” truss. In this setup, the truss is supported overhead, perhaps hung from ceiling rafters by strong chains or other structures. The other option is called “ground supported,” which is when the truss structure is held up on the stage or in the arena with legs that allow it to stand on the ground. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, so you’ll want to think carefully about your space and your event when deciding.

If you’re searching for truss in Los Angeles, CA, it’s always worth it to go to the best company around so you can rest assured you’re getting the quality product you need. In the Los Angeles area, Kordz, Inc. is dedicated to providing exceptional truss and wonderful customer service. We’ve become the region’s leader in truss due to our expertise and speedy service.

Kordz, Inc. manufactures and sells aluminum truss and truss accessories for any job you have and can consult you on exactly what you’d need to have a successful event. Call today for more information and to receive a free estimate!

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