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Essentials to Bring Along to Your Next Trade Show

May 14, 2019

All types of businesses enjoy signing up to attend trade shows. Whether a trade show is happening locally or out of town, signing up for such an event is the perfect opportunity for businesses in a particular industry to come together and promote or introduce their products and services. Another benefit is that this type of venue set up allows face-to-face interaction between companies and customers—as well as other businesses—that may otherwise never happen in this digital age of ours. Many business owners also take advantage of their time at trade shows to network and connect with others.

There will likely be rows of exhibits or booths on the trade show floor, all offering the same or similar things, so what can you do to stand out? For starters, you need the proper equipment and supplies, and you need to be prepared. How about displaying your logo on an aluminum truss made in Los Angeles, CA? Here are the essentials to bring along with you to your next trade show:

  • Signage: Even though trade show organizers typically hand out maps of the event layout that show the location of individual business exhibits, trade show attendees can still get lost in the sea of booths and products. During planning, be sure to create signs to draw attention to your booth. Make several signs to place around the event and to post near you. Hang posters, banners and flyers all around and be sure they are visible to people from all angles. You should also consider utilizing an aluminum truss from Kordz, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA to raise your signage high above your booth.
  • Presentation media: Signs can grab people’s attention, but proper presentation media is what holds their interest. For this reason, don’t forget to include some kind of engaging presentation media with your booth display. The most popular media used to target potential customers are slideshows, video clips and technology-friendly visual aids.
  • Power cords: If your plan is to use lights, computers, television screens and other technology at your trade show booth, bring power strips and extension cords. A worst-case scenario is running out of battery power in the middle of an informational presentation, or having a cord be inches shy of plugging into the nearest wall outlet.
  • Displays and organizers: What you display is just as important as how you display it. For instance, some of your signage or lighting might do well stretched across a small truss, while smaller things like business cards and promotional items do best on stands and in boxes or baskets. The less chaotic your booth, the more approachable you’ll be.
  • Useful supplies: Like taking a first aid kit with you on a hike, be sure to pack a box of essential trade show supplies. This kit should include duct tape, regular tape, pens, rubber bands, scissors, needles and thread, paper clips, zip ties and more. These supplies can help keep display components in place during the event should something tear, break or fall over.

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