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The Many Uses of Truss in Los Angeles, CA

May 28, 2019

You may not know what a truss is, but you’ve probably seen one before. While used as support during the construction of buildings, trusses are also used to support the roofs of large auditorium spaces, theater stages, cinema and concert halls, sports stations, airports and more. They are also commonly found at trade shows to display or highlight products and signage. To get a better picture, let’s take a look at lighting and stage trusses and the many potential uses for truss in Los Angeles, CA.

Lighting and stage trusses

When it comes time to put on a show—like a theatrical performance, concert or motivational speech—you want everyone in the venue to be able to see what’s happening up on the stage. This is where trusses come in. Lighting or stage trusses give set designers the option to hang all sorts of things. LED lights can hang over the stage where performers plan to stand, and automated lighting fixtures can move around wherever they want to go. You are likely to find aluminum lighting trusses anywhere staging equipment is erected.

You might be wondering how stage lighting stays on a truss. The answer is that you have to use truss components called “sticks.” Aluminum lighting truss is made in different lengths, but the pieces can be combined to create different shapes or longer sections. These sections of the truss can be connected in such a way to transform a structure to allow lighting fixtures, audio, video or other staging equipment to hang easily.

Uses of stage trusses

There are many ways to use truss for entertainment or display purposes. Here are a few:

  • Trade shows: This type of event is designed for businesses to promote and demonstrate their products or services. If you’re on a trade show organizing committee, you might pitch the idea to have trusses running above the showroom floor. Hang spotlights to shine down on exhibitors, or use the light to guide attendees around. If you have a booth, bring an aluminum truss to hang company signs and your own lighting.
  • Concerts and plays: As mentioned earlier, trusses offer a huge benefit for concerts and theater stages. They are the perfect contraption to hold a mix of lighting types. In addition to light fixtures, trusses are a great option for housing sound equipment. Whether the performance needs voice projection or a surround sound effect, take advantage of a truss to deploy lights and speakers.
  • Big events: Along the same lines as trade shows and stage performances, other big events can also reap the benefits of aluminum trusses—especially if they need to hang signage. Consider this: the biggest, longest vinyl signs often appear lightweight from a distance. In reality, they can get pretty darn heavy! You can trust a quality truss to hang signage for as long as your event runs.

If you need to purchase lighting or stage truss in Los Angeles, CA, call Kordz, Inc. Need truss for a different application or entertainment purpose? Just ask!

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