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Essentials to Bring Along to Your Next Trade Show

May 14, 2019

All types of businesses enjoy signing up to attend trade shows. Whether a trade show is happening locally or out of town, signing up for such an event is the perfect opportunity for businesses in a particular industry to come together and promote or introduce their products and services. Another benefit is that this type of venue set up allows face-to-face interaction between companies and customers—as well as other businesses—that may otherwise never happen in this digital age of ours. Many business owners also take advantage of their time at trade shows to network and connect with others. There will... View Article

What Kinds of Accessories Can I Get for My Truss?

April 25, 2019

If you rely on a lighting truss to keep your live music stage, house of worship or traveling concert setup well lit, you’re probably wondering what kinds of accessories you can purchase for your truss to make it even more convenient and effective. There are a number of different tools that you can add on to your truss in order to make it even better. The goal of purchasing truss accessories in Los Angeles, CA is to improve the usefulness of your existing truss system. While trusses are already great at hanging lighting and stage gear, sometimes they need attachments... View Article

What Is a Truss System?

April 11, 2019

A truss is a structure perfectly engineered to distribute weight and maintain tension force. Trusses, as an engineering concept, appear in bridges and buildings across the world. They’re known for being able to span long distances effectively and safely. Truss-based technology is also used to create stage trusses, which are used to secure lights and other pieces of stagecraft in a safe and effective manner. If you’re searching for a lighting or stage truss system in Los Angeles, CA, you should be aware that not all trusses are created equal. Construction material, size and a host of other factors will... View Article

Important Information About Handling Truss

March 25, 2019

Aluminum truss is incredibly convenient. It’s lightweight, which makes it great for a quick set-up and tear-down process. At the same time, it’s durable, which means that you can use it again and again for staging events or shows. Still, truss is an expensive investment, and it’s important to protect that investment by handling the truss properly to prevent any damage. If you’ve recently purchased aluminum truss in Los Angeles, CA, read on for some great tips on how to move and connect truss to make sure your truss lasts a long time: Bolting with the right tightness: The pieces... View Article

What Is Truss Made Of?

March 11, 2019

Nearly everyone has experience with truss, whether you’ve noticed it holding the lighting for major rock shows, live theater or in a trade show in a large warehouse. Truss is the backbone of good lighting that allows for the flexibility you need to put together a beautiful show. But just because you’re familiar with it doesn’t mean you understand what it is made of and how it’s put together. Before you seek out truss in Los Angeles, CA, it’s important to walk into that shopping experience understanding what you’ll work with. Read on for some important information on what truss... View Article