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What You Should Know About Simple Truss in Los Angeles, CA

August 21, 2018

Whether you’re involved in infrastructure engineering or event planning, you have probably encountered a truss in your work. However, even people who may work daily with trusses don’t always know exactly what a truss is or why it is used for various applications. Understanding more about what a truss is, what it’s used for and how its design can be applied in various situations can give you a heightened appreciation for this structural design and may even enable you to use a simple truss in Los Angeles, CA more effectively in the future. What is a simple truss? A truss... View Article

Don’t Forget These Three Things for Your Big Event

August 7, 2018

If you’re gearing up for a big event, you have a lot of things to think about and coordinate with various vendors. From food and drinks to sound and lighting, there are a lot of moving parts that you have to consider as you plan for your event and get closer to the big day. Unfortunately, even the most experienced event coordinators can forget some important aspects of planning. Some of the most essential elements for a large event are also the most difficult to remember. With that in mind, it’s important that you are aware of three elements of... View Article

Aluminum Truss for Trade Shows

July 20, 2018

Looking to get the most out of your trade show booth at your next expo? A truss display could give you the ideal look and functionality. Truss booths always make a big visual impact and can help you attract a whole lot of attention to your booth, making you look like a true expert. There are many different types of truss exhibit design options available that can fit your budgetary constraints and your size needs. Here are just a few ways an aluminum truss in Los Angeles, CA can help you find more success at your trade show: Use of... View Article

Festival Season Is Here: How Trusses Can Help Your Event

July 6, 2018

The summer is the biggest time of year for music festivals, local carnivals and fairs and plenty of other large-scale outdoor events all across the country. As you’re planning your event, make sure to consider how you can benefit from the use of trusses! Here is some information about the benefits of stage trusses in Los Angeles, CA and other uses for trusses at your festival. Trusses at entryways and exits Security should be a focal point for any event that brings large groups of people into relatively small areas. Event security must focus on taking proactive steps to control... View Article

How to Choose the Right Truss

June 15, 2018

There are a number of different trusses used in applications throughout the entertainment industry. Whether you operate a DJ stage, a movie set or a church auditorium, it’s important to use a truss and rigging system that keeps your environment well-lit, safe and enjoyable. By investing in the right kind of truss, you can provide a truly memorable entertainment experience. The type of truss you choose to install in your space is largely determined by the size and shape of your space, as well as your needs and the truss’s ultimate application. It can be challenging to find the truss... View Article