Prefabricated Truss in Los Angeles

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Sometimes, you just don’t have time to wait for a custom fabrication. When you need a truss right away and don’t have any wiggle room to spare, come to us for a prefabricated truss. We’ll skips the truss design in Los Angeles, CA and furnish you with a standard, stock option that can serve as a quick fix for your needs. All of our prefabricated trusses come with the same high-quality guarantee as our custom fabricated options.

Why Choose Prefabricated?

Choosing our truss company in Los Angeles, CA for prefabricated products affords you several great benefits, including:

  • Lower cost as opposed to custom fabrication
  • Quicker turnaround; instant availability
  • Practical for most general applications
  • Easier to customize after purchase

There’s no need to wait for us to design and build a truss for your general application—instead, rely on us for a prefab option and get all of the same great benefits without any delay! Whether you need a single truss or have needs spanning several, rest assured we’re here to help.

Excellent Customer Service

In a bind and need a truss fast? Consult with one of our friendly, helpful professionals to learn more about the standardized prefab options we have in stock. Customer service is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we have someone in-house to answer any questions and help you with all of your truss needs.

Trusses, On Demand

If you’re looking for a truss that you can get right away for reliable, general use, visit Kordz, Inc. We’ll make sure you get a prefab truss that’s right for your needs, alongside absolutely stellar customer service. We’re happy to answer questions, provide quotes and can give you information about the prefab trusses we have in stock. Contact us at 310-329-3058 or stop by our shop today.

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